Results for: Pine Bluffs 2022 BYOM

Results on White
1Terry Myers Coney 0s
2Terry Myers Coney 26m:10s
3Arthur+George Waller & G+G - 3 46m:58s

Results on Yellow
1Isla F. J and Wendy Johnecheck 34m:10s
2Will Bowers 39m:35s
3Marsha Westerberg 1h:15m:00s
4Ann Miller 1h:16m:23s
5Nature Trackers (Corinne + Ben Gallup) - 1 1h:25m:43s
6Leslie Turek 1h:29m:06s
7Maggie Townley - 1 1h:35m:42s
8Patricia sorn - 1DNF
9Helen demakes - 2DNF
10John BottomsDNF
11Terry Myers ConeyDNF

Results on Orange
1Cayla Marvil 54m:32s
2Matthew Houston 54m:55s
3Laura Houston 56m:00s
4Justin Wiley 57m:12s
5Aeryn Williams - 1 1h:00m:17s
6Channon Ames 1h:02m:41s
7Nikolay Dubov 1h:06m:00s
8Steve and Debbie Feldman 1h:19m:52s
9Richard Shapiro 1h:55m:27s
10Lincoln Belliston - 1 2h:00m:19s
11Kristy Kay MathiesenDNF
12Andrea Porras - 1DNF
13Laura Houston DNF

Results on Long_Orange
1Jon Campbell 48m:38s
2Clinton Morse 48m:46s
3Ian Finlayson 52m:52s
4Tori Campbell 54m:13s
5Sam Levitin [mtn bike] 1h:16m:05s
6Mark OConnell 1h:21m:22s
7Karen Yeowell 1h:26m:18s
8Jim Paschetto 1h:29m:25s
9Terry Costello 1h:38m:54s
10Jakob - 0 2h:16m:03s
11Fenway and Friends - 3 3h:02m:10s
12Natalie St Jean - 1DNF
13Will Desrosiers DNF
14Pelle Wahlstrom - 0DNF

Results on GetEmAll
1Course Setter 2h:24m:05s25

Results on Short_White

No Results yet

Results on GetEmAll
1Elizabeth Buttermore 1h:04m:02s29
2Sam Levitin 1h:09m:30s29
3Saoirse Green 4h:00m:11s29
4Nate Buttermore 1h:04m:39s28
5Jim CrawfordNo time0

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