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by Samantha Saeger

Since the end of August of last year, I have been living in Uppsala, Sweden with my fiancé, Ross Smith. So far, the entire experience has been a hundred times better that I could ever have imagined!

The best part about living here is orienteering with the local orienteering club, OK Linné. They are a fantastic club filled with friendly, dedicated and talented athletes of all ages. The club house is only a ten minute jog from my apartment and almost every evening there is club training which begins there. In the early fall there were orienteering trainings on Thursdays, and sometimes Wednesdays. On Tuesdays there were intervals. These trainings are aimed at the juniors and seniors in the club, but all are welcome. Most evenings there are also separate trainings organized and designed for the younger juniors as well. The training program is advertised on their club webpage, and you can see the details about each training and sign up. On the weekends in the fall, Ross and I traveled with the club to the district and national championships. These trips were a fantastic way to race against difficult competition and to bond with our club members.

I'm a Troll!To celebrate NEOC's 40th Anniversary, membership benefits for 2012 include free entry to all local recreational meets (excluding special events like "A-meets" and The Traverse).

Beginning in January 2012, NEOC will mail Member Cards to new members, renewing members, and members who are currently "paid-up" through 2012.

Show your Member Card at the event registration table and run for free.

Details and links to membership forms are here.

by Peter Amram

My wife’s new iPhone comes with a diminutive booklet of instructions printed in type so small that my O-loupe with 2.75x mag is needed just to bring the letters into focus. (The center of the Pawtuckaway map is pellucid by comparison.) The legal department at Apple seems to have urged more than usual lawyerly elusiveness on whoever wrote the booklet, for it contains no page numbers. You’ll have to take my word that the rookie iPhoner is informed that:
iPhone contains an internal digital compass located in the upper-right corner of iPhone. The accuracy of digital compass headings may be negatively affected by magnetic or other environmental interference, including interference caused by the close proximity of the magnets contained in the iPhone earbuds. Never rely solely on the digital compass for determining direction. Compare the information provided on iPhone to your surroundings and defer to posted signs to resolve any discrepancies. Do not use location-based applications while performing activities that require your full attention.

Annual gathering and potluck
for all NEOC members
Saturday, January 21, 2012

Details will be e-mailed to all NEOC members. See the event information.

Brian MacQuarrie from the Boston Globe was at the Needham Town Forest meet. Read his article, Finding their way just for fun.

Once in the woods, however, the sport becomes a compelling mix of brainpower, fitness, decision-making, and a chance to appreciate nature all at the same time - if there is time, that is.

Photos from the article are here.

(If you get blocked by the Globe's request that you register, clear your browser's cookies, back up a page, then continue.)

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