The NEOC 2013 Point series is completed and here are the results.

The NEOC Point Series is designed to reward the NEOC members that race in NEOC local meets. The data was collected from the NEOC website results section. You could have run in as many races as you like, even more than one in each meet. But only your best race of each meet was counted and only your top 12 of those efforts were totaled to determine your year-end ranking. See this article for an in-depth explanation of the method for calculating the point totals.

There were 212 NEOC members (60 female and 152 male) that ran in eligible races. For a race to be eligible (i.e. the points will count toward your point total for the year) you must have run as a solo effort. This means that groups of any sort don’t count. The total number of eligible races run was 1017.

The Female class with the greatest number of runners was F Brown with 26 runners. The largest Male class was M Green with 47 runners. It should be noted that the NEOC Point Series classes are not the same as the OUSA age and gender classes. For the Point Series we offer 7 female classes and 8 male classes unlike the 19 female and 19 male classes that you find at OUSA A meets.

Congratulations to the winners of the NEOC 2013 Point Series. And congratulations to everyone that orienteered and racked up points.

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