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Rocky Woods, Medfield, MA
September 25, 2022
Meet Director: Kristin Hall

We had a fantastic crowd at Rocky Woods on Sunday, with about 130 people enjoying the forest on a beautiful fall day. The yellow course was the most popular, exhausting our supply of 40 maps. Apologies to those who had to make do with a hand copied map, and particularly to those who lost time in the forest while waiting for their map to be copied. Although a few of us did have a good reminisce about the days when all club events involved copying your course from a "master map," I don't miss it. Particularly the stress of wondering, when you couldn't find a control easily, if you had copied your course incorrectly!

With good numbers of runners on all courses, the Fall Points Series is off to a great start. There were a few speed demons out there. Scores are posted here. Remember, you have to be a club member to be part of the series (but if you become a member this fall, points will be adjusted retroactively).

Finally, I want to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers: Barb and Brett Anderson, Channon Ames, Pia Webb, Ian Finlayson, Wendy Johnecheck, Judy Karpinski, Andy Hall, Mark O'Connell, Mike Cooper, Patrick McNeal, Barbara Lamay, Tamara Brenner, Lily Springer, Sierra Springer, Michael Springer, Jim Paschetto, Jeff Saeger, and Mori Finlayson-Johnecheck. Your willingness to help out, with time, energy, and good spirits, is what makes our club strong, and these events possible. Thank you.

Also thank you to Sara Mae and Larry Berman, for providing an outstanding orienteering-shopping opportunity. You had many appreciative customers! And thank you to the Trustees of Reservations for preserving this fantastic forest.

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