Great Brook Farm State Park, Carlisle, MA
September 22, 2019
Meet Director: Kelly Guarino

Fall equinox dawned sunny and dry for a great day of orienteering at DCR Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle - featuring a partially updated map and a new Meadow Pond location for staging the event.

As usual, the activities of the 2019 Greater Boston Youth Orienteering Series drew a big crowd. Animal/Map-O, String-O and multiple Mini Demos engaged kids of all ages. We had crowds of new families and quite a few returning groups. Youth groups included cadets from the MCJROTC at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School in Boston, students from the Community Day Charter Public School in Lawrence, scouts from Boy Scout Troop 74 of Chelmsford, six dads and their kids from the Acton-Boxboro Family Network, and a group from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. So much learning, excitement and enthusiasm from this contingent. One young participant was super pleased to tell me that he was in first place in the String-O. He showed me his splits printout, explaining that those numbers meant it took 47 seconds to get from the first control to the second. He said his strategy was to "take all the shortcuts," but stay on the trail.

A number of Red and Green course participants also took "all the shortcuts," including across the "uncrossable" portion of River Meadow Brook. Apparently in Canada this route choice would get you disqualified, but in the US it mostly just gets you muddy and wet. Many apologies to the competitors who got stung by bees/wasps/hornets (all the same in my bee-phobia book) at or on their way past control #151 (the 8th control on the Orange course, and en route for Red, Green, Brown and Tan). Many thanks to Ian Finlayson for heading out to the control to warn others and move the control away from the rotten log holding the nest. The new start location made it possible to create courses that entered the woods and the technical rocky area right away - this was especially nice for Tan and Brown. A Short White stayed near Meadow Pond field and challenged participants with a "streamered" section through the woods, and a Hard White and Yellow both took a route around Meadow Pond.

The day before the meet I was worried about having enough volunteers, but it worked out in the end. Thank you volunteers!! Tim Parson reviewed my draft courses and made them better. Mike Cooper and David Guarino helped with set-up (which I believe included every folding table owned by NEOC). Mike stayed on to help with Registration, and was joined by Jenn Martin (who claims it was the most fun she has had with orienteering), and later by Ken Menzies, Kristin Hall and Judy Karpinski. Xavier Fradera gamely took on the road crossing task (DCR had asked we do this). Ed Despard delayed travel back to Vermont to set-up and run his computer command station, taking care of the timing and results all day. Mark Webb and Jon Campbell helped with this outsized task. The kids really enjoy seeing their names on the extra large results screens. For the youth activities, Cristina Luis organized the Animal/Map-O, and was helped by Patrick McNeal, Tamara Brenner, Sarah Kirincich, and Abby Kirincich. The String-O was designed and run by Pia Webb, with help from Bridget Hall, Dorina Nimigean, and David Landigran. The lead for Mini Demo was Ian Finlayson, with Tori Campbell, Jon Campbell, Kristin Hall and Roman Nemet all helping. Karen Yeowell and Mark O'Connell took on the special task of coaching the scouts and some other beginners. Don't stop reading yet - at the end of this long day, pickup was completed surprisingly quickly by Barb and Brett Anderson (who brought their bikes to help reach distant controls), Jon Campbell, Karen Yeowell, Mark O'Connell, Ian Finlayson, Doug Sevon (who expertly sorted equipment to load in his car for next week's meet), and Ed Despard. This crew did some expert sleuthing to determine if a Yellow participant was still in the woods (she was not), or instead had forgotten to download (she had).

Special thanks to Jon Campbell for his efforts in updating the map. In addition to the hours and hours he spent in the woods, he fit in some extra (last minute!) trail runs to check on new trails, deleted trails, and misplaced trails that needed to be accurately reflected on the map. See the meet description on the Schedule/Calendar page for details of the work Jon has done on the map.

Also special thanks to Pia Webb and Wendy Johnecheck for directing and organizing the youth activities, rounding up and organizing volunteers, and making the youth activities such a successful part of this event and of NEOC in general. Pia also created the lower courses - she gives a lot of thought on how to make these courses accessible to young and new orienteers.

And, a thank you to the staff at DCR Great Brook Farm State Park for supporting this event, including John Aziz (new Lead Supervisor for the Park), Lisa (Seasonal Supervisor who checked in with us as we were setting up), and Dune (Park Ranger who stopped by on his mountain bike later in the day to see how the new site was working for us).

The next regular NEOC event is this coming weekend - Wells State Park in Sturbridge, on Sunday, September 29.

The next Youth Series event is November 3, at Rocky Woods in Medfield.

See you in the woods! Kelly Guarino

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Short White
1 Theo Lenhoff 9:31
2 Sam Green 13:14
3 Evan Moore 13:41
4 Florencia Tapia 13:46
5 Emmie Knippen 15:10
6 Isla Finlayson 18:57
7 Nayah Kayra - 19:11
8 Saul Jayden - 19:14
9 Paul & Stuart Murray 20:26
10 Jailani Sarah Fr - 20:30
11 Helianny Isabell - 20:41
12 Valeria Ruiz 21:43
13 Sebastian Ruiz 22:20
14 Alyssa Remizova 24:41
15 Semion Baranov 24:44
16 Nicholas Palmer 28:30
17 Emma Palmer 29:38
18 Connor Sterns 29:44
19 Georgia Sawyer 29:53
20 Sarah Kane 32:24
21 Bianchey Sanchez 32:26
22 Ariel Gonzalez 32:53
23 Antoneice Dean 33:00
24 Jack Sawyer 33:20
25 Gene Lawrence 34:22
26 Cooper Dale 34:27
27 - Bad Mom 35:17
28 - Brooke the best 35:52
29 Dylan Dale 37:37
30 Lukas Tiago - 49:22
31 Patrice Miller 1:37:47
31 Michael Commons 1:37:47
Hard White
1 Dashiell Martin 16:38
2 Takuma Sturman 26:13
3 Robert Knippen 27:54
4 Milo Lucy Giau Song-Weiss OToole 34:22
5 Abby and Steve Kinincich 34:23
6 Jailani Sarah - 36:49
7 Isabella - 36:52
8 William Geigh 38:03
9 Breht Feigh 38:07
10 Audrey Feigh 38:15
11 Owne Nate Nathan Walsh Byrne Goodwin 42:35
12 Maria Remizova 43:19
13 Sarah Susan Kirincich 43:40
14 Kian Sam WIll Marnell Byrne Urbaniak 47:56
15 Thomas Dodge 48:23
16 James Talmage 48:27
17 Paul Stuart Martin 48:52
18 Cristhain Geigel 50:17
19 John Allen 50:29
20 Shayb Mussa 50:32
21 Winston Lemssen 50:45
22 Kaitheel Colin Duhamel 55:15
23 Sarah Kane 57:28
24 Mark - 58:27
25 Bianchey Sanchez 58:39
26 Winnie Smith 1:03:04
27 Beth Shiffler 1:03:08
28 Peter Campbell 1:13:20
  Charlotte Chen mp
1 Eugeny Ivnov 22:21
2 Yana Galukhina 28:13
3 Theo Lenhoff 33:48
4 Emmie Knippen 37:39
5 Susan Mahan 38:30
6 Caroline McIlvaine 41:42
7 Andy McIlvaine 41:46
8 Dashiell Martin 41:57
9 Florencia Tapia 42:01
10 Evan Moore 42:02
11 Robert Knippen 42:56
12 Charlotte Duhael 46:23
13 - Pasguali 47:44
14 Nancy Le Clair 51:50
15 Henry Drapean 54:02
16 Dashiell Mazzotta 55:55
17 Ken Menzies 58:48
18 Nayah Kayra - 1:02:16
19 Jayden Saul - 1:02:24
20 Jesus Cruz 1:08:06
21 Lucy O'Toole 1:12:34
22 Aron Korsunsky 1:21:23
23 Elizabeth O'Neill 1:21:25
24 Matthew Kelliner 1:30:22
25 Dean Salerno 1:45:53
26 Hop Holmberg 1:57:28
27 Barry Levy 1:57:38
28 Diane Menzies 2:04:15
  Sam Green mp
  Marcus Bjorn Bjerke mp
  Quemaye Walker mp
1 James Sperry 57:24
2 Suzanne Robinson 1:02:21
3 Lukas Webb 1:05:54
4 John and Shawn - 1:34:09
5 Caleb Flores 1:36:20
6 Gregory Khrapunovich 1:47:29
7 Liz Brooks 1:54:17
8 Mila Urlanis 1:55:29
9 Boris Urlanis 1:55:54
10 Lukas Nemet 2:18:28
  Markus and Biorn Bjerke mp
  Patrick McNeal mp
  Milo Cian Song Weiss OToole mp
  Tom Jones dnf
1 James Sperry 44:04
2 Cavan - 1:03:01
3 Ian Anderson 1:07:47
4 Andy Baumel 1:13:25
5 Larry Berman 1:18:47
6 Sara Mae Berman 2:38:15
1 Kristin Hall 42:20
2 Pia Webb 48:33
3 Roman N 49:13
4 Harald Martner 1:02:55
5 Victoria Campbell 1:03:10
6 Justin Wiley 1:07:39
7 Mike Cooper 1:11:04
8 Eugeny Remizov 1:20:22
9 Trisha Underwood 1:27:20
10 Dorina Nimigean 1:37:28
11 Roger Underwood 1:37:41
12 Bill Binette 1:43:32
13 Scott Powers 1:53:42
14 Brian Ritchlem 1:55:15
15 Barbara Anderson 2:02:30
16 Carrie and Siri Bjerke 2:03:08
17 Anna Morse 3:16:29
  Jeff Saeger mp
  Ethan and Seth Meltzer-Rigby dnf
  Max Michael Currie dnf
  Don Hall dnf
  Judy Karpinski dnf
1 Bridget Hall 1:05:05
2 Ben Gallup 1:10:00
3 Katia Bertoldi 1:24:32
4 Tetiana Husak 1:32:59
5 Nick Townley 1:42:04
6 David Quinn 1:47:48
7 Pelle Wåhlström 1:52:41
8 Mark O'Connell 1:58:24
9 Xavier Fradera 1:58:51
10 Keith Durand 2:00:22
11 Jim Crawford 2:00:30
12 Karen Yeowell 2:06:11
13 Chris Noon 2:19:34
14 Jaimei Bernal 2:46:05
15 Jose Bernal 2:46:08
16 Carmen Gargallu 2:47:21
17 Nat Brooks 2:50:07
  Tari Tan dnf
  White Brath dnf
  Michel Perbost dnf
1 Jonas Martner 57:33
2 Ethan Childs 1:11:49
3 Tim Martner 1:22:52
4 Garrett Nelson 1:25:20
5 Magnus Bjorkman 1:30:36
6 Neil Martin 1:33:38
7 Clinton Morse 1:34:11
8 Aaron Aaker 1:36:48
9 Vai Alex 1:40:46
10 Tobias Karlsson 1:43:18
11 Brett Anderson 1:51:29
11 Mike Springer 1:51:29
13 Doug Sevon 2:21:47