If you lost an item at a meet, also check the Results page for that meet.

Contact the Webmaster for information.

serving spoonServing spoon.
To recover, contact the Webmaster.


Left at Nobscot, Oct. 26, 2019:

  • digital watch, loaned to a night-O runner
  • to recover other items left at Nobscot Scout-O or Night-O, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Does anything in the photo below belong to you?
To arrange return of your item, contact the Webmaster.


These items were found at the April 14, 2018 Scout-O --

  • blue-green water bottle
  • large, red carabiner
  • Leatherman-type multi-tool
  • yellow-green synthetic shirt

To recover one of these items, contact the Webmaster.


A pair of Integrator, studded O-shoes, black with silver trim, found at Nobscot Scout Reservation.
(Probably left behind at the Sept. 30 meet.)

To claim, contact the Webmaster.

If you have lost a pair of sunglasses at a NEOC meet in the past year, contact the Webmaster.
He has a few.


A Subaru key, with its "remote start" fob, was left at the Needham Town Forest meet (April 24, 2016).

To claim, contact the Webmaster.

These specs were left at the computer table, at the Nobscot meet, October 16, 2016.

To claim, contact the Webmaster.

nobscot specs

Found at Spring Scout-O, Hale Reservation, 4/26/14: one pair of black stretch gloves with brand "FG" in yellow. To recover, contact the Webmaster.

Found at the Windblown Ski-O, 3/10/13: an SI-Card (finger-stick, dibber), #222381.

To claim it, contact Aims Coney.

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