The NEOC Fall Point Series is underway, and the (friendly) competition is heating up! Current standings can be viewed here: Fall Point Series Standings. There is currently a three-way tie on Yellow, with Charlotte Duhamel, Lukas Webb, and Tor Webb all at 4 points with one more score needed. But Jieran Kvaitchadze has three scores already, and has improved with each event so far, so who knows what will happen? The high school athletes (Cambridge and Arlington, and maybe more) are crushing the grown-ups on Orange. Family battles are playing out on Brown: will Trisha Underwood keep her lead over Roger? And on Green: will Kristin Hall ever beat daughter Bridget again? Who will triumph in the Yeowell-O'Connell household?

The competition uses "cross country scoring," which means 1 point for first place, 2 for second, and so forth. The individual with the lowest total for three events is the winner. For Willard Brook, which attracted runners from as far away as California, only NEOC members were included when calculating scores. For other events, all finishers will be included when calculating scores. If you did not finish your course, but you tried, you have been given 25 points for your effort (which is much better than no score at all).

Don't see your name on the list, and you ran at one or more of the events? Check to be sure you are a current NEOC member! If you pay your membership fee before the Mount Tom event, the coordinator will add you to the list for all the events you have attended. If you are a current member and got left off the list, please let the points coordinator know. Remember, you only receive a score for one course per event, so athletes who ran more than one course on the same day will only see a score for their "usual" course. With the exception of the group division on White, only individual efforts are included.

There are still two more chances to get the necessary three scores: Great Brook Farm on October 24th, and Mt. Tom on November 13th. For those lucky enough to already have three scores, there are two more chances to improve.

See you in the woods!