Happy autumn to all NEOC members,

We hope you are ready for a fall filled with orienteering opportunities. To inspire you, we announce the 2021 Fall Point Series!

The 2021 Fall point series provides a bit of light-hearted competition and encourages members to attend local events. The 2021 Fall Point Series will encompass (couldn't resist it) five in-person events. Participants need to run the same color course for at least 3 of the 5 following events:

  • Sept 26: Rocky Woods (Medfield, MA)
  • Oct 2: Willard Brook Saturday (Ashby, MA)
  • Oct 3: Willard Brook Sunday (Ashby, MA)
  • Oct 24: Great Brook Farm (Carlisle, MA)
  • Nov 13: Mount Tom (Mt Holyoke, MA)

Here are the details

The point series competition is open to all club members running as individuals (including younger children on white with "shadows").

Participants do not need to be NEOC primary club members.

Scores will be tallied by course (white, yellow, orange, brown, green, and red). Participants need to run the same color course for at least 3 of the 5 events**.

If a participant has more than 3 eligible scores, their best 3 will be counted.

"Cross Country" scoring system: 1 point for first place on the course, 2 points for second place, 3 points for third, and so forth. Lowest score wins.  Thus, a perfect score for the series would be 3 (first place in three events).

For those enthusiastic participants who sometimes run multiple courses at the same event: even if you have 3 scores in more than one color category, you will only receive a final point score in one color category, for your "usual" course. The points coordinator will assume the harder course is your usual course, unless I receive a very convincing email from you explaining otherwise!

Awards will be given to the top scorer for each color course (no age or gender based categories).

Special notes for Willard Brook - New England Championships: Only NEOC members will be included when calculating point scores.

** Blue runners will have a "purple division," which will be their best scores from blue courses at Willard Brook and red courses at any of the other events.

Note that you do not need to register for the point series. Just come to the events and participate, and you will be included. However, it will be very helpful to the point series coordinator if you use the same version of your name at all events. Remember, you do need to run the same color course at three different events to get a final score. See you in the woods!

Fall Point Series Coordinator: Kristin Hall