With much sadness, we note the passing of Bob Dangel.

Bob was a longtime, and very active, NEOC member who not only competed among the "upper echelon" of his age cohort, but served as club President and made major contributions to the very foundation of NEOC: our library of O-maps. His work is noted on many NEOC maps, at least as far back as 1998 (Mt. Misery). He soon became the "keeper" of our OCAD files, incorporating updates and converting all club maps to Acrobat format for distribution to meet directors. Orienteers at NEOC events will continue to benefit from Bob's dedication for years to come.

Bob's fellow orienteers send their condolences to his wife, Harriet, and their family.

Bob's obituary notice gives the times of shiva memorial observance, Sept. 27 & 28, and lists donations that can be made in lieu of flowers.

photo by David Yee

From Tim Parson:

Bob was one of the quiet, highly competent, behind-the-scenes people who've kept NEOC going over its many years. I met him not long after I started orienteering back in 1985, and soon learned that he was both a fast runner and an excellent navigator. That combination would have placed him high in national rankings, but he'd never go to the necessary A-meets unless they were very close to home. "Never drive longer than the time you'll spend in the woods" was his motto in this regard. It seemed typical of Bob: he had no need for the glory of placing high, but just enjoyed the challenges of the sport and being in the woods.

He also understood that volunteer help was critical to the club. For many years he headed up our mapping efforts, from broad coordination to carrying out all aspects of specific projects. There were many times that I, a non-techy, would go to his house with field notes for revisions and he'd patiently put them into OCAD on the spot. More than once, I also came away from these visits with vegetables from the abundant garden that he and Harriet kept. Beyond mapping, he served as club president for several years; being the "top person" was not in keeping with his quiet character, but there was a need and he filled it.

I am also pretty certain that he took time off from work at some point to ride his bike across the country. At an age when most folks turn to their creature comforts, he was out on the road in the wind and the rain, following a bearing that led over the horizon.

From Gary Gallagher:

Like many in the NEOC community I have had the pleasure of knowing Bob for many years. Beyond our common interest in orienteering, I always enjoyed learning a little about his life outside of orienteering. It was always interesting to hear about his latest cross county cycling adventures or about his professional life as a scientist helping implement large industrial waste water treatment projects around the country that have helped improve the environment significantly. Among his many interests I knew Bob was passionate about mountaineering and as a longtime member of the AMC he often guided outdoor events for the Club.

Over the years Bob and I made several cross country ski outings together. Our last was a winter hike up Crawford Path and ski over toward the Lake of the Clouds. It was a beautiful winter day, no wind and the snow was about as good as it gets up there along those ridges. We had a great ski and memorable time that day.

It has been a privilege for me to have had the opportunity to know Bob for more than thirty five years. I will miss him.