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The NEOC Board would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped make 2021 a success. We are an all-volunteer organization, and we could not have made 2021 happen without you. We would like to offer a special thank you to our meet directors and to those who helped with the many ‘unseen’ tasks that allowed us to host orienteering events in a pandemic year. Please look for a small token of the club’s appreciation in the mail.

For the many volunteers who helped at this year’s events, we entered your name into a raffle. Each of the four raffle winners listed below will receive a $50 gift certificate. Congratulations!

Meet Directors and Other Support

  • Magnus Bjorkman
  • Xavier Fradera
  • Ian & Mori Finlayson
  • Phil Bricker
  • Pelle Wåhlström
  • Kristin Hall
  • Alex Vai
  • Kelly Guarino
  • Judy Karpinski
  • Mark O'Connell (QRienteering software developer)
  • Pia Webb (VP of Events)
  • Doug Sevon (Permit support)
  • Pete Lane (Equipment)
  • Bridget Hall (Winter Challenge 2021)

General Raffle Winners

  • Tamara Brenner
  • Patrick McNeal
  • Pete Bundschuh
  • Bill Binette


The 2022 Winter Challenge is open to current NEOC members. Courses have been designed at five locations around Massachusetts. Set yourself a challenge and reach one of these challenge levels:

  • 1 to 3 courses: Who said you couldn’t orienteer in New England in the winter? Congrats for getting into the woods and strengthening the synapses in your brain!
  • 5 courses: You will roll into the spring O-season ready to show off your navigation skills. You have mastered the Winter O-challenge and will be listed as a Winter O-challenge Master on the NEOC website (and contacted to help volunteer in the spring).

The Challenge starts on MLK weekend 2022 and runs through April 1! We'll keep track of who has done which trainings with an online spreadsheet, so make sure you are filling it out for each course you run! Please share your comments on the courses or just enter your name to let us know you are getting out on the courses.

The Winter Challenge is a training activity for NEOC members. Details will be sent with your member card when you join NEOC.

Join NEOC (or renew your membership) now and be ready for orienteering in 2022.
(All memberships expired on December 31, 2021.)

Read the details and join/renew now.

From Hans Bengtsson —

One of the core founders of NEOC died on December 8, 2021. George was one of the gang of five at Charlie's Kitchen in Cambridge on March 29, 1972, where we decided to form an orienteering club.

Read George's obituary.

George Atkinson

Peter Reynolds, Lena Andrée-Bengtsson, Hans Bengtsson, George Atkinson, Meredith Owen-Atkinson
The five core founders at NEOC's 30th bash 2002.


by Kristin Hall

NEOC's fall in-person events attracted hundreds of people, and challenged all with a variety of courses. Of the hundreds, 45 dedicated NEOC orienteers achieved a final score in the Fall Point Series by competing at three (or more) events on the same course. The series used "cross country scoring," with first place receiving one point, second two points, and so forth. Each athlete's lowest three scores were totaled, and the athlete with the lowest score on each course was victorious.

No runner achieved a perfect score of three points, but Isla Finlayson-Johnecheck came close, dominating the White course with just four points! Two sets of siblings, the Webbs and the Kvaitchadzes, took the top four places on the Yellow course, with Tor Webb narrowly edging out brother Lukas for the overall win.

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