Event 3: Sprint at UMass 

by Alex Jospe 


ISSOM 1:4000, with 3m contours 
Fieldwork by Alex Jospe, fall 2010-spring 2012. 
Drafting by Alex Jospe and Ed Despard. 


This is a typical university campus, with large patches of mown grass, many paved trails, and buildings.  The area these courses cover is relatively flat.  The courses are almost entirely on mown grass or pavement; please do not wear spikes.  No leg covering is necessary.    

Directions From The Notch to UMass: 

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route to StartPrimary parking is in Lot 43 (GPS: 42.39443164130508,  -72.52577304840088), on the southeast corner of N. Pleasant St and Eastman Ln.  The walk from the parking lot to the start will be streamered, and is ~500m (0m climb).   

If Lot 43 fills up, there is more parking on the north side of Eastman Ln, also Lot 43.   


You will have an assigned start time.  Please do not miss it, as that will cut into the meet director’s dinnertime.   

Registration, download, starts, and finishes are located on the west side of the Lincoln Campus Center, on the ground floor.  Entrance to the Campus Center is from the bottom of the stairs.  On the map fragment to the left, follow the purple line from “parking” to “start/finish”. 

Restrooms are available in the Campus Center.  

The Blue Wall Café will be open if you would like to purchase food.   


Long sprint: 2.8km, 18 controls.   

Short sprint: 1.8km, 11 controls.   

There will be no water on course.  E-punching will be used. 

Please note that although the courses do not send you across any major roads, the campus roads are not closed to traffic.  Look both ways before crossing any roads. 

Start window is from 5:00-6:15pm, and starts are pre-assigned.  Please check the website for your assigned start time.

Because the map is drafted to ISSOM standards, there are a couple features I’d like to remind you not to cross. First, the olive green color is out of bounds. This is usually flower gardens on this map.  See inset 1. Also, anything with a thick black line is “uncrossable”.  This does not mean that you can’t physically cross it (although that is generally the case), it means that you’re not allowed to cross it.  See inset 2.  No hopping over uncrossable fences!  Crossable walls are denoted by a thick gray line.  And finally, you may not go into or through any buildings.  (Except for the campus center).  However, light gray denotes a canopy, and you may run underneath it.   

Fig 1Fig 2