The Bob Dangel Breakheart Reservation Event, Saugus, MA
May 19, 2019
Meet Directors: Bo Nielsen

More than 100 orienteers ignored the “not quite sunny” forecast to face the challenges of orienteering at the Breakheart Reservation. I heard many appreciative comments on the courses and my impression is that folks enjoyed the varied orienteering challenges in spite of the rain. It was tight under the roof of the shelter at times, but that also made for lively conversation and a great way to meet new people.

Bob DangelToday's event is dedicated to Bob Dangel in appreciation of his long-term service to the club as he is stepping down from his many responsibilities. Bob has been instrumental in moving the club into a modern era of mapmaking—pioneering the digitization of the Breakheart map, as well as many other of the club’s maps during the last 20 years. He is a longstanding member of the mapping committee, and many of us know of Bob’s work through his management of NEOC's map archive, which he has organized and maintained, as well as his readiness to help meet directors and course setters with updating maps for their meets. Many thanks, Bob!

In addition the regular meet, The Greater Boston Youth Orienteering Series had a session, with many of the participants moving on to running a White or Yellow course afterwards. It was also great to see the JROTC group from Madison Park Tech Voc High out again on the White and Yellow courses ... and they brought donuts! again! Thanks! Look for them in the results from club MCJROTC.

Then, a big thank you to all who volunteered their time today. To have such a fine crew of capable people who know what to do and when to do it makes a great experience possible for everyone, the meet director included. John Leiserson, Joshua Filipowski, Neil Wheaton and Alex Vai made the registration run smoothly while Jim Paschetto and Patrick McNeal handled the timing aspects with usual expertise. At the end of the day Alex Vai, Justin Wiley, Kelly Guarino and Neil Wheaton assisted with control pickup which made this task very manageable.

Apologies to Don Fallis, who was handed a pCard instead of a regular finger-stick to run the Red course. Those little square cards only hold 20 punches, and Red had 24 controls(!), so no splits for his last four controls. :-(

Thanks all for coming. The controls are almost dry and ready for the next meet. I hope to see you there.

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- Heavy sweater
- Eyeglass "keeper strap" with rubber tips

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Short White  
Name Club Time  
1 Lucie Rynne 08:52  
2 Egor Ivanov NEOC 09:29  
3 Isla & Lily NEOC 15:03  
4 Milo NEOC 17:57  
5 Desmond Bercury NEOC 18:01  
White 1.7k 45m  
Name Club Time  
1 Julian CSU 20:33  
2 Sierra Springer NEOC 23:39  
3 Jeffrey A. Miller 35:52  
4 Bianchy Sanchez MCJROTC 36:26  
5 Finn MCJROTC 36:48  
6 Sarah Ering NEOC 55:58  
7 Sonja Kivisäkk Tullinge SK 71:03  
Peter + Marion DNF  
Yellow 2.4k 70m  
Name Club Time  
1 Mori Finlayson NEOC 22:04  
2 Suzanne & Neil NEOC 24:42  
3 Dashiell Martin NEOC 29:46  
4 Hannah Parker CSU 36:19  
5 Andrew Anselmo NEOC 37:51  
6 Bill Boehm 39:56  
7 Sam Greene 44:02  
8 Lukas Nemet NEOC 44:03  
9 Katelyn Mann 44:37  
10 Sarah Elkind SDO 46:35  
11 Jeffrey A. Miller 47:06  
12 Lelli & Pasqualin 60:35  
13 Jesus J. Cruz MCJROTC 60:40  
14 Matheus de Oliveira MCJROTC 62:18  
15 Luis Martinez MCJROTC 63:44  
16 Jinelle Ortiz MCJROTC 64:03  
17 Katz, Sepersky & Epstein 70:26 estimated Start
18 Roger Mortimer 72:35  
19 John Bottoms NEOC 134:05  
20 Michael Commons NEOC 146:57  
21 Patty Miller NEOC 146:58  
Powell Family NEOC DNF  
Todd Ireland NEOC DNF  
Orange 3.4k 130m  
Name Club Time  
1 Suzanne Robinson NEOC 76:15  
2 Tamara Brenner NEOC 89:56  
3 John Mitchell NEOC 102:18  
4 Josh Filipowski NEOC 113:20  
5 Kay Mathiesen NEOC 139:22  
Jim Paschetto NEOC DNF  
T. Stackpole,N. Caplan-Bricker NEOC DNF  
Miles Gilmore CRLS DNF  
Liz Brooks NEOC DNF  
Hop Holmberg NEOC DNF  
Brown 3.0k 85m  
Name Club Time  
1 Cristina Luis TSN 33:39  
2 Becky Carlyle 42:15  
3 Katia Bertoldi CSU 42:37  
4 Linus Hamilton QOC 48:18  
5 Andy McIlvaine NEOC 56:32  
6 Jackson Codd NG 61:03  
7 Dorina Nimigean NEOC 62:04  
8 Emily Crandall Fleischman 62:17  
9 Lex Bundschuh UNO 63:05  
10 Théo Boehm CRLS 64:13  
11 Roger Underwood NEOC 64:43  
12 Ellen Blackburn NEOC 66:46  
13 Milo Song-Weiss CRLS 69:17  
13 Noah Baumann CSU 69:17  
15 Beth Holmberg SDO 69:43  
16 Nancy Duprey UNO 74:21  
17 Peter Amram NEOC 75:58  
18 Conor Latimer-Ireland 77:59  
19 Paula Crock NEOC 79:12  
20 Faye Doria UNO 80:14  
21 John Kernochan NEOC 84:57  
22 Dylan Hendrickson 86:14  
Monique Joyce DNF  
Green 4.8k 180m  
Name Club Time  
1 Giovanni Berlanda CSU 50:44  
2 Adam Caplan-Bricker NEOC 63:25  
3 Phil Bricker NEOC 75:08  
4 Dean Sturtevant NEOC 79:14  
5 Roman N NEOC 82:04  
6 Nick Townley NEOC 86:30  
7 Gavin Braithwaite 89:29  
8 Kelly Guarino NEOC 92:00  
9 Pete Bundschuh UNO 94:01  
10 Tari Tan NEOC 94:50  
11 Jim Crawford NEOC 111:40  
12 Kristina Tasheva +1 138:43  
13 Barbara Anderson NEOC 142:00  
Alex Hardy NEOC DNF  
Mike LaRow DNF  
Brian Ritchkin NEOC DNF  
Nat Brooks NEOC DNF  
Andy Baumel NEOC DNF  
Mark Webb CSU DNF  
Chiara Testini DNF  
Red 6.0k 215m  
Name Club Time  
1 Ethan Childs GMOC 56:25  
2 Bridget Hall NEOC 69:56  
3 Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 73:01  
4 Neil Martin NEOC 73:26  
5 J-J Coté LROC 79:15  
6 Evgeny Ivanov NEOC 82:09  
7 Yana Galukhina NEOC 85:56  
8 Andy Mykyta NEOC 86:26  
9 Maria Bloom NEOC 93:08  
10 Alex Vai NEOC 94:41  
11 David Yee NEOC 108:13  
12 Justin Wiley NEOC 109:26  
13 David Quinn NEOC 110:42  
14 Jeffrey Schapiro NEOC 113:30  
15 Michael Springer NEOC 119:16  
16 Don Fallis NEOC 142:04  
17 Karen Yeowell NEOC 159:58  
Kristin Hall NEOC DNF  
Neil Wheaton DNF  
  Doug Sevon NEOC DNF