Nobscot Scout Reservation, Sudbury, MA
April 15, 2018
Meet Director: Alex Vai

It was fantastic to see 70 starts at Nobscot to close out the second week of NEOC’s 2018 season, despite somewhat grim weather conditions. Even by New England standards, this mid-April day with temps hovering around 0C (32F), blustery winds, and persistent wintry mix (including one rather strong squall!) did not inspire confidence that warmer days are just around the corner! Notably, enough snow fell for a snowman to be constructed on the boulder by the Finish.

While the weather might have depressed the novice turnout somewhat, we still had a number of eager people here to try orienteering for the first time [and a rare appearance of NEOC's first president, Hans Bengtsson]. To you first-timers: Kudos! I hope the conditions added to the excitement of discovering orienteering. Certainly, it will make for even better storytelling in the weeks ahead. We hope to see you again soon!

We also had a number of impressive runs from more experienced orienteers and a good showing from the orienteering team at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

There was some difficulty with the splits printer. It didn’t seem to like the cold either, and was somewhat randomly deciding whether to produce full printouts or partial splits. For those of you who like to endlessly analyze your runs…fear not! We verified that splits were downloading correctly and these are available online (see below).

I really appreciate the constructive feedback that I received about the courses from finishers. Apparently, people liked the fact that many of the courses ran counterclockwise on the map, that we had put some effort into hiding the advanced controls, and that we used of parts of the maps that hadn’t been visited in the past, especially the swampy area near the start.

At the prompting of a few competitors, I checked after the fact and found that there are in fact two depressions on the western side of the map (at and near Control 113), despite there only being one on the map. I will forward this feedback to the mapping chair to make things better for future events. And to anybody still whinging about the climb up the hillside…please do remember that hills are your friends and they will make you stronger! :)

I am tremendously grateful to the fantastic team of volunteers, including Jim Paschetto, Nick Townley, Mark O’Connell, Xevi Fradera, and Pete Lane. I am terribly sorry if I’ve missed anyone! If I have missed you, please get in touch so that I can thank you personally and also to help me put names to faces…I’m still working on that in NEOC. Overall, this was a great way to start my meet directing career, and if any of you all need help at a future event, you know how to get in touch with me. See you next time!

Found: Compass magnifier lens, snapped off of its stand. To retrieve, contact the Webmaster.

Lost: Cellphone, along Green course. Please contact the Webmaster if found.

View the splits here (courtesy of WinSplits). For the raw splits file, click menu Results>Raw Splits Files.

White 1.5k 50m
Name Club Time
1 James Landrigan 12:51
2 Abby Kirincich NEOC 21:17
3 Susan Mahan NEOC 21:18
4 Sarah Kirincich 24:02
5 Steve Kirincich 24:05
6 Donald Wallace +2 29:01
7 Landrigan/Speakman CRLS 34:42
8 Isla Finlayson NEOC 38:22
Yellow 2.2k 105m
Name Club Time
1 Mori Finlayson NEOC 38:34
2 Sarah Kirincich 47:43
3 Susan Mahan NEOC 47:52
4 Evgeny & Alyssa Remizov NEOC 49:28
5 Lukas Nemet 58:28
6 Abby Kirincich NEOC 73:01
7 Steve Kirincich 73:28
8 Napolitano +1 NEOC 75:46
9 Michael Commons NEOC 180:15
10 Patrice Miller NEOC 180:20
11 Alana Commons NEOC 180:21
12 Isaac Freierman CRLS 215:14
Orange 3.6k 150m
Name Club Time
1 Anna Rasmussen CRLS 64:05
2 Roman Nemet 66:09
3 Anaka Landrigan CRLS 70:27
4 Priya Landrigan CRLS 76:50
5 Julia Rasmussen CRLS 77:48
6 Olivier & Fiona Clot NEOC 78:52
7 Eileen Periverzov NEOC 92:06
8 John Mitchell NEOC 111:14
9 Adeline Vidolova NEOC 111:42
10 David Kehs NEOC 114:11
11 Leslie Gloyd, Lorna Franco NEOC 133:32
12 Peter Phan CRLS 146:14
13 Joanna Solmon, David Lazar 159:46
14 Diane Menzies NEOC 187:54
Brown 4.1k 150m
Name Club Time
1 Bridget Hall NEOC 68:20
2 Andy McIlvaine NEOC 75:41
3 Trisha Underwood NEOC 97:49
4 Bill Binette NEOC 105:12
5 Faye Doria UNO 119:12
6 Nat Brooks NEOC 119:23
7 Hans Bengtsson NEOC 123:42
8 Ken Menzies NEOC 125:39
Roger Underwood NEOC DNF
Green 5.9k 225m
Name Club Time
1 Ian Finlayson NEOC 57:42
2 Jeffrey Saeger NEOC 78:36
3 Stephen Tarry UNO 82:06
4 Jim Crawford NEOC 111:19
5 Michel Perbost NEOC 114:27
6 Gary Gallagher NEOC 127:57
7 Suzanne Wenger NEOC 129:11
8 Kelly Guarino NEOC 129:52
8 Pelle Wåhlström NEOC 129:52
10 Nick Townley NEOC 141:27
Ian Anderson NEOC DNF
Kurt Severance DNF
Sean O'Dowd DNF
Ben Levitt DNF
Red 7.3k 285m
Name Club Time
1 Vilppu Viinikainen NEOC 70:06
2 Bo Nielsen NEOC 71:19
3 Keegan Harkavy NEOC 74:53
4 Juan Josivan 85:57
5 Alar Ruutopold UNO 89:58
6 Pavla De Oliveira HANA 96:20
7 Dan Foster NEOC 109:37
8 Brett Anderson NEOC 111:37
9 Mark O'Connell NEOC 116:56
10 Rafael Frutos Fernandez NEOC 118:08
11 Jeffrey Schapiro NEOC 121:19
12 Paul Regan NEOC 130:07
13 Xavier Fradera NEOC 137:58